Fargo ND Internet Service Providers

Fargo ND Internet Service Providers Services
​Centurylink - (701) 282-4589
Cable One - (855) 242-8285
Dish Net Satellite - (701) 306-3258
DirecTV - (701) 540-4002
Hughes Net - (800) 596-1388
i29.net - (218) 284-5702 website
​Verizon - (800) 837-4966
Internet Packages Keep Your Fargo Home Connected

Want the power of the Internet delivered to your home? Search for packages that bring you the World Wide Web in Fargo ND. Internet deals in Fargo ND deliver convenient access to your favorite websites, movies, music, pictures and emails.

Call now to discover everything from cheap Internet service to advanced fiber optic technology.

Which Internet plan will you choose?
Dial-up Internet plans: A cheap Internet service offering limited speeds. Dial-up requires you to dial in to your Internet service provider each time you want to access the Internet. You can get dial-up Internet plans wherever telephone service is available.

DSL Internet deals: A better alternative to dial-up Internet. Although DSL availability is limited when compared to cable, it offers a high-speed connection suitable for watching videos and downloading large files relatively quickly when compared to dial-up and satellite Internet. Unfortunately, DSL speeds get slower the farther away your home is from your Internet service provider.

Cable Internet packages: Offer speeds that aren't as dependent on how close your home is to your Internet provider. Cable is available throughout the nation and offers a reliable, fast connection.

Satellite Internet: The package for you if you live in rural Fargo ND but want a high-speed connection. Satellite plans can be more expensive than dial-up but offer a faster connection.

Fiber optic packages: The fastest connection speeds. Fiber optic is less prevalent at this point than other forms of Internet. But all signs point to it emerging as the most common high-performance Internet option.

How Internet packages bring the online world to your Fargo ND desktop
Your computer and software


The machine that you connect to the Internet must have adequate storage space and memory in order to get Internet service. Nearly all personal computers manufactured in the past 20 years can get an Internet connection.

Web browser

Web browsers like Internet Explorer and Safari display webpages on your computer screen and enable you to navigate the Internet efficiently. Computers with Microsoft and Apple software come with preinstalled browsers. You can download alternatives like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome your preinstalled browser.

Equipment issued by your ISP when purchasing an Internet package


Your modem translates data being sent to and from the World Wide Web. The device converts electronic currents into Internet signals, and it relays them to your computer so that you can access the web.

Modem-to-ISP connection

When a technician installs your Internet package, he places a wall jack near your computer station. This wall jack is where you plug in the cable from your Internet modem. Depending on which type of Internet plan you choose, this connection may be a telephone line, a coaxial cable or a fiber optic cable.

Modem-to-computer connection:

With most Internet deals, your modem connects to a port in your computer via Ethernet cable. Some people confuse Ethernet cords for large, thick telephone lines because they look alike. Ethernet cords, however, are designed to deliver higher-bandwidth signals to Ethernet ports on newer-model computers.

Internet pricing: Find the best value today
Which Internet packages appeal to you? If you're like most Fargo ND customers, you want the connection that's going to bring you the fastest connection speeds at the best value. After all, you don't want to pay money each month for a service you can't enjoy to its fullest potential.

Call today and discover Internet pricing in Fargo ND.