Fargo ND Internet Service Providers

Fargo ND Internet Service Providers 
Internet Options in Fargo, ND: Which One Is Right for You?

Finding an Internet solution for your home is easy. You just have to know what to look for. For the average user, all Internet connections appear similar. But major differences exist among each of the Internet options in your Fargo community in regard to availability, connection speeds, pricing and equipment.

Learn the capabilities and limitations of each Internet option so you can make the best decision possible. Or call us to speak with a specialist about Internet options in your area.

Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of your Internet options
Cable Internet

This popular Internet service uses a coaxial cable identical to the one that traditional cable TV providers use to deliver signals.


Cable offers a fast, always-on Internet connection.
If you already have cable television, your existing wiring makes it easy to integrate cable Internet into your home.

Depending on your provider's area of coverage, cable Internet options may not be available in your area.
If you consider only the monthly cost, cable is more expensive than dial-up.
DSL Internet

DSL connections deliver a digital, always-on Internet connection via two-way copper telephone wire.


DSL is faster than dial-up Internet service.
DSL doesn't tie up your phone line.

DSL Internet doesn't offer the same connection speeds as cable.
The speeds of DSL Internet connections diminish the farther away you are from your telephone company's central office.
Fiber Optic Internet

Fiber optic cables transmit digital information as light rather than electronic signals. Optical cables have more bandwidth than other Internet transmission options.


Fiber optic Internet offers the fastest connection speeds available.
Internet via fiber optic cable is the best solution for people who use the Internet for a variety of functions, including watching movies and sending big files to friends and business associates.

Fiber optic technology is relatively new, and thus may be more expensive than other Internet options.
Fiber optic networks are limited on a national scale and may not be available in your Fargo.
Dial-up Internet

Dial-up Internet modems translate audio sounds into Internet signals and relay those signals back to the service provider.


You can get dial-up wherever telephone service is available.

Dial-up delivers the slowest connection speeds.
Dial-up occupies your phone line while you are online.
Dial-up connections experience frequent interruptions.
Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet is similar to satellite TV. But instead of transmitting audio and video signals, it transmits Internet signals.


Satellite Internet is a high-speed alternative to dial-up.
Internet by satellite is available anywhere that has a clear view of the Southern sky.

Internet by satellite requires hefty equipment, including a large satellite dish situated on your roof or in your yard.
Satellite transmission isn't as fast as other high-speed Internet options including cable and fiber optic service.
Discover your Fargo Internet options now
Which type of Internet connection will you choose? Where you live, how you use the Web and your budget are only a few of the factors involved in selecting your Internet service. Let a home Internet specialist help you decide.
Centurylink WiFi - (701) 282-4589
Cable One - (855) 242-8285
Dish Net Satellite - (701) 306-3258
DirecTV - (701) 540-4002
Hughes Net - (800) 596-1388
i29.net - (218) 284-5702 website
​Verizon - (800) 837-4966